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What is Natural Gas?

Natural Gas is a naturally occurring methane dominant gas mixture. Compared to many other energy sources, natural gas is cleaner, safer, more convenient and economical. Albertans recognized the benefits of natural gas and worked to provide a robust and safe natural gas distribution system for themselves and their neighbors in the form of natural gas co-ops.

Cost Comparisons

Natural gas energy is measured in gigajoules. One gigajoule equals 1 billion joules (or 947817 btus). When comparing natural gas to other energy sources it is important to remember how that energy is measured.

1 gigajoule = 277 kilowatts of electricity

1 gigajoule = 26.5 litres of heating oil

1 gigajoule = 39 litres of propane

1 gigajoule = 200 pounds of coal

We bill in gigajoules so you can compare the actual costs if you find these rates on your current energy source and convery to the gigajoules. For example, find your price per litre for propane and multiply by 39 to find the cost per gigajoule. Natural gas in Alberta is consistently the cheapest option.

Alberta Utilities Consumer Advocate has a website to compare current energy costs on natural gas and electricity. Check your local propane distributor for current rates.