Applications must be made in person at the office by the landowner. Please bring land title and cheque. Applications usually take 20 minutes to fill out paperwork. For more information please contact the office Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to noon & 1:00 pm to 4:30 pm

Some third-party agreements (foreign pipeline crossings, non customer right-of-ways, etc) could take some time to complete. Please sign up as early as possible to mitigate this processing time.

Construction Costs 2021

Down Payment$3675$3360$8000 **
Cost of Membership$1$1$1
Due at time of Application$3676$3361$8401 **
Due Upon Completion of Construction$3675$3360**
Total Cost of Gas Service$7351$6721**

** The total cost (base price + remaining) of a commercial gas service installation is based on the load requirements of the service – i.e. the type of meter, regulator/relief valve required for the load and the amount of material and labor required for installing the underground portion of the gas service and tie-in to the existing supply line. Construction prices are re-evaluated every year, the prices listed here are only for the year indicated.

A deadline for new construction is determined every year and we cannot guarantee a new installation will be completed if registered after the deadline.

Check out this video for an idea how the gas lines are installed and what kind of ground disturbance to expect.