Following rates and charges are effective July 1, 2023. Rates and charges are updated from time-to-time and this page may not reflect the current price.


Rural Contracts$8000.00 + GST
Urban Contracts$6400.00 + GST
Commercial Contracts$8000.00 base price + GST + remainder of actual cost
SecondariesMaterial and Labour rates (see below)
Gas Line AlterationMaterial and Labour rates (see below)
Please call 780-542-4808 for more information.


Meter Reconnection$200.00
Door Hanger$50.00
Late Payment2% per month
NSF charge$50.00
Caveat Registration $200.00

Materials and Labour

MaterialsCost + shipping & handling
Shipping & Handling20%
Labour$65.00 per hour
TruckCRA rate per kilometer


Line HitDouble labour rate + calculated gas loss
Paper Bill Charge$2 per month (No charge for seniors 65 and over)
Variable$1.50 per gigajoule over Gas Alberta rate.
Fixed Charge$30 per month