Please use the following calculator to determine if Natural Gas is right for your home. It has been pre-populated with estimates for propane, adjust the values as necessary. This calculator does not account for interest charges if you finance your installation.

Energy consumption has been estimated at a monthly average of11.25 gigajoules according to Alberta Utilities Commission, including urban areas. Our Members are estimated at an average of 14.21 gigajoules per month. If you know your average usage adjust the value.

Propane is sold by volume (litre) and Natural Gas is sold by energy content (gigajoule) therefor a conversion must happen to compare effectively. This calculator uses a value of 1 gigajoule for every 39 litres of propane. See Natural Gas: A Primer ( for more information.

This calculator is intended for informational purposes for residential accounts only and does not represent a guaranteed rate from Evergreen Gas Co-op Ltd.

Two columns
Natural Gas Vs. Propane Cost
Total Summary
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