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Distributor Choice in Alberta

Albertans normally have a choice of their natural gas retailer but Gas Co-ops (and Rural Electrification Associations) are different. As a member owned co-operative you enter into a contract to have us provide you with gas and you don’t have the choice to sign a contract with a different retailer.

Gas Co-ops are free to set their own rates but we are ultimately accountable to all our members. If you have a concern then please let us know. For more information read more about REAs and Gas Co-ops at Utilities Consumer Advocate.

Rate Locking

Buying our gas from Gas Alberta ensures that we always get the lowest rate possible and since we are a co-operative we have no need to generate a profit for shareholders (in fact, we are a not-for-profit organization). Predicting lock-in rates is a potentially risky guessing game for rural gas co-ops. Such policies may put the financial health of the Co-op in jeopardy and you as a member would be negatively impacted.

These are the reasons we do not offer any option to lock in your gas rates with a contract. With that said, you can be sure that Gas Alberta is committed to providing a current rate that is lower than regulated retailers in Alberta and Evergreen Gas Co-op only charges a variable and service charge so that we maintain out system and continue to provide natural gas for years to come.

NSF Cheque Policy

NSF cheques are subject to a $50 NSF fee regardless of the reason.