Historic Gas Rates

The gas rate ($/gigajoule) is the total of the gas wholesale rate from Gas Alberta + Gas Alberta’s variable + Evergreen’s variable + Federal Fuel Charge. Hover your mouse over each section to see the individual rates.

Variable Rates

Gas Alberta: We purchase our wholesale natural gas through Gas Alberta Inc. This is the rate that they’ve negotiated.

Gas Alberta Variable: This is a charge that Gas Alberta charges on top of the negotiated rate. This goes to Gas Alberta administration and operational costs.

Evergreen Variables A charge on top of the Gas Alberta rate that Evergreen charges for administation and operational costs.

Federal Fuel Charge: Commonly known as the carbon tax. Evergreen collects this amount from our members but does not retain any of it.

Fixed Rate

Fixed Charge (not shown on graph): Evergreen also charges a flat fixed charge of $30/month that is not tied to consumption. This also funds operational expenses.