Now Accepting Credit Card Payments

We are not accepting credit cards for payments on gas accounts and invoices. We use a service called Optionpay which was originally developed for Alberta Registries and is now used by many municipalities and Gas Co-ops.

In the past Evergreen decided against allowing credit card payments due to the cost associated with processing the payments. Because only a minority of our members wanted to pay via credit card we did not think it was fair to pass all of those costs on to every member. Using Optionpay allows us to solve this problem by passing the fees onto members that actually want to use their credit card to pay.

If you want to pay a bill using your credit card it is as easy as going to Optionpay’s Secure Website and entering your payment details. The form is straightforward but please remember to select the right payment type: “gas account” is used for paying a gas bill and “invoice” is used to pay for an invoice like a secondary gas line or the sale of a part.

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